1. What is an escape room?

An escape room is a live, indoor adventure game where team-work and logic is the key. Players are placed in a themed room, and have to work together to use elements of the room to solve a series of puzzles and escape within a set time frame. Solving clues will help unlock other parts of the game, and bring our unique story to life.

2. Is it scary?

Our escape room is not intended to be scary. We attempt to create an atmosphere appropriate to the game theme by use of props or sound effects, which may take you by surprise, but there are no live actors jumping out at you, or horror element. Some games may require you to be blindfolded at the start, or begin in a small space, as part of the story. If in doubt, please ask.

3. Can I pay on the day?

As we host a live event specifically for you, with your own dedicated games supervisor for the game you are playing, we do ask for payment in advance, but you are welcome to pay a £50 deposit per room (and also, time permitting, put a temporary reservation on the room, by phone) if you need to collect money from other people. In any case, you are also welcome to book for the lowest number of people the room requires, then add people and settle the difference on the day. Any questions, just let us know as we are happy to assist.

4. How many can be on the team?

Our games have individual maximum game sizes ('The Signal' is for up to 6 players, 'Spellbound' for up to 10). Smaller teams may find the games more challenging than larger teams, but we want everyone to enjoy their experience, and will tailor any assistance to each team. We regret we cannot exceed the capacity per room, but please contact us and we can try and accommodate you across multiple times/rooms where possible (in this case, we ask waiting teams to wait off site due to capacity restrictions...and not wanting to give anything away!)

5. What happens if we get stuck?

Each team will have a dedicated Game Supervisor who watches your progress via CCTV, and can hear you. We will agree with you, beforehand if you want us to provide hints or you ask for them. Your Game Supervisor can assist via intercom or a hints screen.

6. Are there any age restrictions?

The game is RECOMMENDED for ages 12+. This is due to the complexity of some puzzles. Also, we have some props/effects younger children may be nervous of. Anyone under 16 MUST be accompanied (on site) by an adult. There is no upper age limit. Please note we will NOT accept groups of under 12s, though younger children may play our games if they are with parents / sibling - please contact us if you wish to know more about our games / please make us aware of ages where possible.

7. Does the game require physical strength?

The game is designed for logical thinking, communication and mental challenge. No physical strength is required, however you may be required to bend, stretch, or crawl (depending on the game). If you have any concerns, please contact Make Your Escape to discuss prior to booking.

8. Do you have wheelchair access?

Make Your Escape is on the first floor of the building with no lift facilities. Make Your Escape is currently developing a mobile game which can be delivered to an accessible location. Please contact Make Your Escape to find out more information.

Please view our access statement here: access statement

9. Special requirements and considerations?

Most of the clues are visual (please bring reading glasses if needed) and some are audio. There may be puzzles such as anagrams, riddles, and math. Spellbound requires other sense such as touch and smell. Players search for clues, which may require players to bend, stretch and crawl. There are no requirements for the players to climb on anything, move any furniture, and no physical force is required. Some props are made of Latex- anyone with a Latex allergy should contact Make Your Escape prior to booking. Some of the props may include strobe lighting; anyone who suffers from photo-sensitive epilepsy should also get in touch prior to booking. Our games are not designed to be claustrophobic - however, Spellbound does require teams to start in a small space, and begin the game blindfolded. Make Your Escape are happy to make adaptions to make our games more accessible wherever possible. If you have any concerns about the suitability of the games or any suggestions on how we can tailor the experience to meet your individual needs, please contact us prior to booking. Please also see our full terms and conditions.

10. What if we are late?

The games are live events and CANNOT run over the allotted time slot. It is very important that you arrive 10 minutes prior to your booked time slot. This is necessary to prevent time slots running over and other teams having to wait to start their game. Players must have a health and safety briefing prior to the game starting; this will unfortunately run into your game time if you are late. Any team which is more than 30 minutes late will be marked as a no show, not be allowed to play the game and will not be given a refund. Make Your Escape will email you a booking confirmation with instructions on how to find us and the arrival time. Your first task as a team is to arrive on time.

11. What if I book and more / less team members arrive?

Each game has a maximum number of players. If you book for 4 players and an extra 2 players arrive we can settle the difference on the day. We are unable to refund if fewer people turn up for an allocated game. If you're unsure of numbers, we recommend you pay for the minimum number for the room, and pay for any extra people on the day.

12. How do I book and redeem Gift Vouchers?

Simply click on the Gift Voucher option from the main menu, select the game and number of players you wish to pre-pay for, and fill in the details. We will email you a unique voucher code. If you enter a postal address, we will also post a physical Gift Card to you (last day for Christmas posting is 21st December 2017!). A recipient may redeem a voucher code by booking a game, and then entering the code in the coupon box and clicking apply. If you have any questions, or would rather book directly, feel free to call us instead. Voucher codes may only be used once, and apply to the specific game and player number online, although we can use as part payment if you contact us by phone. We also sell vouchers on site.

13. What if we need to cancel?

As the events are live, unfortunately we are unable to refund any cancellations. If you need to reschedule outside of 7 days of the booked time slot, please let us know immediately and we can arrange a more convenient day. Cancellations within 7 days are non refundable. Please see our full terms and conditions.

14. Where should we park?

Make Your Escape is in the city centre and has a number of pay and display car parks locally, as well as the Intu Shopping centre across the road. We will email you a list of local car parks in the booking confirmation.

15. Will strangers be on our team?

No. Unlike some escape room experiences, once the time slot is booked it is for you and the number of people you have chosen. Choose your team members wisely.

16. What if I break something?

Accidents can happen. However, the puzzles and clues do not require physical force, therefore if you are forcing any object or using it in a manner that causes it to break, we may ask you to replace it. Teams are watched on CCTV, the Game Supervisor will stop the game if a team is deemed to be destructive, and no refund will be available. Please see our full terms and conditions.

17. What about personal conduct?

Make Your Escape wants everyone to have an enjoyable and safe experience. We therefore will not tolerate anyone acting in a manner which can put themselves, team mates and staff in danger. We expect all players to take responsibility for their own personal safety. We will not hide clues in any electrics, fittings, fixtures, lighting or anywhere else that would be deemed un-safe. Players are watched on CCTV by a Game Supervisor who will intervene or stop the game in the event that anyone is putting themselves or others at risk. Please see our full terms and conditions.

18. Are mobile phones allowed in the game?

No, we have a strict policy that mobile phones are not allowed in the game. Photos and recordings are strictly prohibited; a team photo will be taken at the end. We expect that players do not share any spoilers of the game to others. Lockers for personal items/valuables will be provided.

19. What happens with our team photo?

Your Game Supervisor may take a team photo and place it on Make Your Escape’s own social media, and use for marketing purposes. If you do not wish us to do either of these things, just let us know.

20. Can we bring in refreshments?

Food and drink cannot be bought into and consumed on the premises. Water can be provided on request. There are plenty of eateries in the locality.