Derby's original live escape rooms challenge and Trip Advisor's Number 1 Fun & Games attraction is waiting to be discovered.

With your friends, family, colleagues or partner, you have one simple goal: to work together to escape a locked room. Each room is themed and follows an original story which unfolds around you, each set in Derbyshire. Our games are for 2 - 6 or 4 - 10 people!

A series of puzzles, hidden objects and mysteries make up the story, and only common sense, communication and teamwork will help you escape. No physical strength is required, and a game-master is on hand to give help should you need it. We recommend our games for ages 12+. You have 60 minutes to escape - make every second count!

Our bespoke games are exciting, fun and challenging, and incorporate immersive sets and effects. Use your logical thinking, problem-solving and detective skills. Can your team work against the clock to crack the codes,solve the puzzles and Make Your Escape?

Teams of players are
locked in a themed room

Find the clues by
working together

Solve the puzzles
and riddles

Make your escape
in 60 minutes

Ready to Make Your Escape?

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Our bespoke games are exciting, fun and
challenging. They are ideal for a social occasion or team-building experience.

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